Dropping the SBOM: FDA’s Cybersecurity Refuse to Accept Policy

Aug 28, 2023 | White Paper |

Discover the future of medical device cybersecurity in this riveting White Paper! Executive Order 14028 has ignited a shift in the industry, with NTIA unveiling the essential elements of a groundbreaking Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). Brace yourself for a game-changing twist as the FDA flexes its authority under the newly minted Section 524B, commanding robust cybersecurity for medical devices. But here’s the clincher: FDA’s cybersecurity “refuse to accept” policy drops, demanding SBOM inclusion for all “cyber devices”. As the October 1st deadline looms, are you geared up to fortify your medical device cybersecurity with the unassailable SBOM, or risk being left behind in the race toward enhanced cyber resilience? Read this White Paper written by Sr. Software Quality Engineer, Gregg Van Citters, to learn more! 

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