Risk Management Data for a Life-Cycle Approach: IMDRF Adverse Event Codes

Jul 31, 2023 | White Paper |

Unleash the Future of Medical Device Coding: Mastering IMDRF Adverse Event Codes! 

Step into a cutting-edge world of medical device coding, where the power of IMDRF Adverse Event codes revolutionizes patient safety. Join the FDA and EU as they embrace this approach, putting patient well-being front and center in every manufacturer’s mind.  

Introducing our Whitepaper, “Risk Management Data for a Life-Cycle Approach: IMDRF Adverse Event Codes”, your gateway to a new and efficient QMS. Experience how these game-changing codes go beyond simplifying post-market surveillance, transforming design, development, and CAPA processes.  Unveil the secrets of their implementation and witness how they empower your own QMS for success.  

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